Inch Loss and Weight Loss

Each procedure was provided according to a defined protocol and each target area was treated according to its size for a minimum of 15 minutes per session and up to 45 minutes. The evaluation period lasted 8 consecutive weeks at the frequency of 1 session a week for a mean total of 6,5 sessions.

Measurement are taken before and after every session.


Prior to the start of the treatment program each subject’s age, height and weight were recorded along with a perimetric measurement of the area to be treated and photos of the subject. The perimetric measurements and photos were taken using a standardized procedure.

Outcome measurements

Tests and measurements were realised prior to start of treatment program, at mid program and at end of program.

Objective evaluation charts show values Before and After end of treatment program.

Subjective evaluations are performed at Day 0 and at end of treatment.

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