Hair Loss and Hair Fall Treatment

It is a combination of Mesotherapy, Hair Protein Treatment and Hair Oil Massage with Advanced Hair Grow Serums. Mesotherapy is a process whereby solutions with stem cell derivatives and biochemical products are deposited at the base of hair follicle through micro injection. It is done to treat Weak Hairs to Severe Hair Loss. It is particularly recommended to repair hair prematurely damaged by environmental aggressions like Sun, Pollution and other External Ailments.

It Helps Eliminating Dandruff and Seborrhea and to treat thin and devitalized hair. It stimulates the hair growth and health. Mesotherapy can be done by Derma Rollers, Electroporation and Injections depending on the severity of hair loss, numbers of treatments are decided. With Mesotherapy the scalp permeability is increased and the special hair Growth Peptides Containing Growth Factors, Amino Acids, minerals is applied over the scalp. This special hair peptides stimulates the hair follicles, improves the blood circulation and gives 70% more nutrition to the hair bulb.

After the treatment we massage the hair shaft with hair growth peptides rich in amino acids, minerals and multivitamins to make them healthier and stronger. A Session of Hair Stimulation is Done in Between two Treatments for the Maintenance. Hair Growth Depends on Individual Cases, but Most Cases Hair Regeneration Takes Place after 6-8 Weeks. It is completely a safe and painless procedure having NO SIDE EFFECTS.

The Machine which we have is from Poland and has European Accreditation and Serums are from reputed company in France. Mesotherapy Sessions are Done every 10- 15 Days. Atleast 6 Sessions are Recommended for Good Results .

Results are Visible after 3 Sessions of Mesotherapy.

Cost Per Session : 4000/- INR.

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