Dark Circle Reduction

Under Eye and Dark Circle Reduction:

DARK CIRCLES under your eyes makes you look like as if you haven’t slept all night or you were partying whole night.

But the truth is ,you just have dark circles under your eyes!

The dark circles under your eyes are hyperpigmented spots on your skin that makes the skin under your eyes appear darker.

The hollow underneath your eyes would look dark may be due to facial structure or ageing.

It can also be caused by skin structure. The skin around the eyes is thin and flooding of blood cells in area can leave dark pigments which causes dark circles under the eyes. Here are some most common causes for dark circles under your eyes:

  • Genetics .
  • Eye trauma .
  • Acute illness such as chicken pox or typhoid .
  • Inflammatory disease .
  • Lack of sleep .
  • Eye strain caused by prolonged reading or watching tv .
  • Weakness .
  • Liver disease .
  • Sinusitis .
  • Headache .
  • Stress .

Depending on patients skin, there are series of treatment given.

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